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Since 2019, Landing zone Has Been A Hub For Incredible Fantasy&

A New Beginning


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Originally, we were Tatterhood Review,  but when the new year eclipsed the old and we inevitably started thinking about our resolutions, and the future of our magazine, we found that "Tatterhood" didn't accurately reflect what we wanted this site to be—a landing zone for some of the most poignant, original, and innovative science fiction & fantasy narratives that writers can create.


We want to be the perfectly engineered, wide, sturdy, glowing platform overlooking the sprawling future city or the glitter of space that the protagonist's ship sinks down and docks on when they enter, or that patiently houses their speeder until the adventure inevitably goes wrong, and they need to escape pronto. 


A stage that never breaks.


We liked that idea, and all the connotations associated with it, much more than an obscure Norwegian fairy tale.


So we changed our name. Because names are important, and because we're hoping you, our dear reader, and you, our dear writers, will enjoy docking your time and your stories with this new name, and this new website, instead.


Admittedly, we think it's a whole lot cooler.


What's New?

The answer? Not much. We have an entirely new website, and we'll be rolling out some new opportunities in the future for readers and writers, but most of everything should remain the same (glitches may be encountered, but rest assured, our Glitch Exterminator squads are on the hunt). Free content, and $15 honorarium (hopefully more soon). 


You can submit your fantastical short stories, poetry, and visual art through the submit button to the right. It will link you to Submittable where you can view our open projects. Check out our guidelines page for more specifics on what kind of fiction, poetry, and art we'd like to see.

Our new print issue covers are absolutely stunning. Click the button to the right to teleport to our issues page to view them. Pre-orders will open soon.

You can dive into the strange worlds of our writers through the link above, or to the right. Twisted new fairy tales, cyborg self-portraits, haunted gardens. . .all of it, and so much more, is available to read for free on our site now.  

If you have questions about anything, or concerns, or just want to talk to the editors, you can contact us through the email in our footer. We take a few business days to respond, usually, but sometimes faster. To view our Masthead, click the Masthead button.

Thank you for visiting Landing Zone. We're incredibly excited about the future, and would be honored if you were a part of it.

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