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At the Cyber Shop


Graffiti Alley, Baltimore by George L Stein artwork featured image for Landing Zone Magazine's poetry post At the Cyber Shop by Coleman Bomar
Graffiti Alley, Baltimore by George L Stein

I want the rose colored optics

Arms stronger alloy

Replace the hair

With a few live wires

And no more finger tips

What they want is making me sick

Spray paint?


Play in my head a little too

I'm holding her shoes at the beach


Where's the mod that lets you see God?

I don't care if he's ugly

What do you mean out of stock?

And no chrome?

Just make me metal

No place for skin out there

Or in here where I'm making your day


Coleman Bomar is a writer who currently resides in Middle Tennessee. His works have been featured by and/or are forthcoming in Drunk Monkeys, Ethel Zine, SOFTBLOW, Eunoia Review, Boston Literary Magazine, Moonpark Review, Blink-Ink, Maudlin House, Star 82 Review, Cathexis Northwest, and many more.

george l stein is a photographer living in the greater NYC area focused on the art, street, urban decay, surreal, and alt/portrait photography genres. He is very fond of interesting juxtapositions and strong contrasts.

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